Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria is a full loot sandbox MMORPG with a living, breathing world shaped and shaped by its community of players. It’s a dangerous world, where bonds are forged – and broken – by players writing their own stories.

Open World Role Playing

Explore a massive, enduring open world with thousands of other players and discover the freedom to pursue your destiny. Master the magical art of music, tame mighty beasts to obey your every command, rise through the ranks of a mighty clan, build an economic empire, or put it all on the line. rope and choose the path of petty thieves or lurking killers.

Explore a world without limitation

It’s based on a fantasy world with vast deserts, deep forests, rolling fields, ancient ruins, and danger around every corner. Build, explore, and adventure with other players in a world you define. Join a friendly clan, swear allegiance to the town’s militia, or embark on your quest for glory.