Trivia Mix

Trivia Mix is a Quiz Game that offers players to test their general knowledge about any topic from Mathematics to Science and Biology, from Entertainment to Geography and History by taking short quizzes in under 5 minutes

Player Profile

Players can earn experience and level up by completing quizzes. Quizzes also reward players with coins that they can use to take up more quizzes.

Online/Offline Mode

Quizzes are refreshed and updated after a certain period if you are connected to the Internet. So you won’t be taking the same quizzes again and again. In the Offline Mode of the app, the quizzes are not refreshed.

Multiple Gameplay Types

Quizzes are presented and based upon different game types. There are Multiple Choice Questions, True False Quizzes, Letters/Word Completion with in-game keypad buttons as well as Trivia Chips