Vampires Fall

An award winning old school RPG for fans of the Diablo, Baldur’s Gate genre. Features an engrossing story line and huge worlds. This game offers a unique take on PVP battles as well as 10k+ accessories, weapons and skins. This game is one of the best sellers on the android play store.

Real Time PVP Battles:

One of the most unique features of this game is the PVP battles. It’s all real time and fully skill based, each user is intelligently matched against an opponent with similar ability to make the game fun for everyone.

Stunning Old School Graphics:

It’s hard to pull off good top-down graphics but this game does it amazingly well. You will be transported into an ancient world with vampires, werewolves and all sorts of mythical creatures.

Huge library of items:

One of the best features of this game is the huge amount of variety of items, weapons, armors and skins it has enabling a diverse set of strategies for gameplay.

Story Line:

The story line is done by professional writer and it shows in every dialogue and cut scene in the game, it is a game and a cinematic experience in itself. Curated with love by fans of old school RPGs